Best Table Saw Under 200

All right, you want to have a strong table saw on the market without compromising your budget. Is it possible? Fortunately, yes. You can even get the best table saw under 200 or even less without cutting your grocery expenses.

Doesn’t it give you goosebumps?

Best Table Saw Under 200 Reviews

Well, here, through this article, we have tried to save you from the grunt work by compiling a list of the best table saws under 200.

Instead of going for a wild goose pursuit, give this article a read to save your time, energy, and of course, money.

Here, we go:

1. Huanyu Mini Table Saw

Huanyu Mini Table Saw

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When it comes to table saws, this one, though mini but is a steal since it can handle almost any task.

It not only cuts through wood, but also helpful in cutting plastic, tiles, and any other material effortlessly.

Apart from this, it can help in cutting, grinding, drilling, and engraving_ a multifunctional table saw just perfect for any amateur who has just started learning the basics of sawing. So be it your DIY project or a handmade craft, this one has saved your back.

The cutting stand can be adjusted so that precision cuts can be achieved. For the cutting of thick surfaces the cutting depth of the blade adapts from 0 to 29 mm.

You can quickly and easily cut the aluminum panel. With the aid of its strong engine, it allows you to operate smoother. This table saw merits the most valuable sawing in the top 5.

  • 9000 RPM speed
  • 300W motor
  • 0-29mm cutting depth
  • Multifunctional table saw
  • Alloy blade
  • Can cut as well as grind and polish
  • It has a flexible shaft
  • Versatile
  • Mini so portable
  • Not great for heavy-duty jobs

2. YCRD Mini Table Saw

YCRD Mini Table Saw

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That’s what you can order for your new project since it’s versatile and affordable. It has two cutting blades, which are carbide blades.

It has a special style, and if you use it for your work or passion you won’t get any wobbles.

Also very safe to use, this Mini Electric Table Saw comes with an up-graded blade guard to facilitate cleaning.

For cutting metallic, non-ferrous material such as aluminum and copper and non-metallic materials such as stone, wood, glass, plastic, etc. this saw stands second to none.

This saw produces a maximum speed of around 1000-5000 rpm by using the powerful 0.8-amp engine. A maximum depth of 1.5cm will be achieved for the cut.

You need not be worried if you are a newbie because a user guide is supplied. So it’s also a good choice if you’re hunting for the best table saw for beginners.

You should consider buying this item and take advantage of all its functions. It can also be your family or friends’ nice gift idea.

  • Shock-absorbing rubber pad
  • Anti-skid
  • Advanced high-speed motor
  • 1.5cm cutting depth
  • 1000-5000RPM
  • 2 blades
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Never wobbles during cutting
  • multifunctional
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cutting jobs

3. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

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Skil is not a new name in the industry of saws as you’ll get a wide range of versatile and affordable saws for your specific saw job. This ultra-compact saw is a great choice for your little cutting jobs and is one of the best starter table saws.

The first thing you will notice about this saw is its tabletop that is made up of aluminum. Not only the surface is durable but also anti-corrosion, which means that this saw will last for longer.

With this size of table saws, you won’t expect accuracy and precision in cutting but this one is standing out from the crowd. it features an adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge to ensure the quality and precision of cuts.

The tool weighs 24 pounds and is easy to tag for outdoor work. Additional functionality includes a tank system that refrigerates the blade and reduces the dust to facilitate cleaning.

Bevel cutting is another welcome feature that you can enjoy while using this saw. You don’t need to invest in another saw for making every type of cut since this saw will allow you to make bevel cuts ranging from0degree to 45degree.

The cutting depth is also impressive as you can cut at 22.5inches depth.

For your tile work, you don’t have to invest in a best hybrid table saw, this small model is very handy. It is constructed with strong cuts and supports a tile of up to 18 x 18 centimeters in size. For commercial tile installation work, we would suggest it.

  • 7-inches rim diamond blade
  • 3600RPM
  • Aluminum tabletop
  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Powerful mini table saw
  • Good value of your price
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Portable
  • Easy storage
  • You may not see when you cut from above the blade

4. WORX WX572L BladeRunner

WORX WX572L BladeRunner

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This is a flexible table saw which works perfectly in cross-section and rips cuts. The tool is perfect for simple applications because the work takes place quickly with a solid and sharp blade.

This table saw has a rip fence and an adjustable riving knife framework that allows you to cut in varying styles.

This tool has a compact and lightweight nature has made it popular with many users. It just weighs 14.7 pounds that make it easy to transport anywhere you want.

Tiles, woods, metals, plastics, and aluminum can be quickly cut, therefore, a multi functional table saw.

A safety mechanism for preventing accidental start on, if not in use, is provided for this table saw. This being so, this tool is safe to work with.

WX572L is great also because it comes with 5 T shank jigsaw blades. You can easily install a blade since no tool is required to do the installation. Just by pressing the red button on the top, you can unlock a blade and install or remove a blade. Nothing could be simpler than this.

  • Rack and pinion fence
  • Balde guard
  • Riving knife
  • 3000RPM
  • Great DIY table saw
  • It can make a variety of cuts
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Compact and portable
  • The blade is somewhat unstable

5. Proxxon 37070 Table Saw

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Proxxon 37070 is the best bet when you’re looking for the best table saw under 200. It’s sturdy, compact, versatile, and valuable for your money.

There is no need to look further if you want a table saw that can cut a variety of materials. This saw is capable of cutting tiles, non-ferrous material, metal, and non-metal materials with quite a breeze. So this, you can say, is an all-rounder that is worth buying.

Not only this is a versatile and pocket-friendly device but is also sturdy and strongly constructed. The tabletop surface is made up of aluminum and is rust-resistant. This being so, very little maintenance is required to last the saw for longer.

To make this saw more functional and friendly to work with, it has a low-noise motor. This enables you to enjoy your work without bothering about the noise around you.

This tool also wins the hearts of the users because it comes with an extendable table extension with an integrated auxiliary stop. Being this so you can finish your job while ensuring perfectly straight cuts.

Not only it’s great for making straight cuts, but it can also make miter cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. You can make angled cuts of your choice and requirement with a fraction of time by using this saw.

Overall, this device is worth considering if you are after the best table saw under 200.

  • 7000RPM
  • Tungsten tipped saw blade
  • Aluminum tabletop surface
  • Weighs 6kg
  • It can cut a variety of materials.
  • Versatile
  • Impressive construction
  • durable
  • A louder table saw

Buying Guide

Although we have listed down the reviews of the 5 best table saws under 200, there are some key considerations to look for to get the best table saw for the money.

Since there are so many possibilities, it’s quite difficult to decide which machines are good or not. That’s why, for you to find out how to get the best table saw for your money, we’ve decided to type this buyer’s guide.

Here are some of the key features that you should bear in mind when buying your table saw:


The blade is the most crucial part of your table saw and it requires an additional write-up to cover this topic.

But to skim the topic, you need to consider some important features that make a blade functional.

Typically, blades are made up of carbide, carbon, or diamond-tipped blade. A perfect blade is not capable of cutting through wood but can cut through several materials.

Size, material, and blade types play a vital role to make a table saw multifunctional.

Miter gauge:

To make an exact cut, the miter gauge holds and guides material from a certain angle. The locking mechanism rotates in a slot from 45° to -45°C (miter slot).

The best miter gauge has two angles-miter/bevel.

Ensure that the miter gauge on your table saw is standard and has trouble-free fitting.

Drive configuration:

The motor comes in two configurations:

  • Belt drive
  • Direct drive


The belt-driven table saw drives the blade by a V-shaped belt that is attached to the motor.

This type of table saws produces more power and more torque. Along with this contactor, cabinet, or hybrid table saws use belt-driven motors.

They are heavier, noisier, and larger.

But the interesting thing about belt-driven table saws is their capacity for making accurate and cleaner cuts.

So if you’re looking for a machine that is powerful and will deliver you high-end results, then a belt-driven table saw is what you need.


The name itself is self-explanatory. Direct-drive table saw attaches blade directly to the motor.

These table saws are lighter, quieter, and portable.

You have to pay close attention to the fact that this type of table saw clogged frequently. This happens so because the motor is located near the blade and sawdust stuck more easily while causing the machine or its electrical components to burn out.

Dust chute

 Most of the hobbyists forget about looking for the dust chute in a table saw. But hold on, this feature is another important consideration to look for when you’re buying the best budget table saw.

A table saw with a dust collection system is great since it will ensure that you will breathe in clean air. For a clean and hassle-free saw experience, hook up the dust port to a vacuum.

Rip fence

It’s critical to have a stable fence that locks down the material and doesn’t move out of place. It should be nice and straight to ensure a clean cut.

The fence is adjusted to the position of the blade to cut the material.

The majority of saws are fitted with a T-square fence. It offers high precision and is suitable for a new user. It would be hard to cut any kind of material without a rip fence.

So a user-friendly and functional rip is another important part of a table saw. Don’t oversee it.

Final thoughts:

Having stated all this, we hope that you will have a decent idea about buying the best table saw under 200.

All of the 5 reviewed table saws are high-quality and multifunctional table saws for beginners as well as hobbyists. All of these models are capable of making precise and clean cuts. They also work great to cut various kinds of material without hassle.

We hope that you will check the compatibility of the material you want to cut so that you may get your desired results.

We hope that you will find this article informative.

Happy shopping!

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